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Connect LIVE to EPCOT!
Craig D. Kollai
Puts a smile on my face when I look at it

I like my Epcot sign so much I also bought a Disneyland one so I could have separate countdowns for both coasts compare wait times for overlapping attractions!

Connected to the Magic!

This is my 3rd time buying from these guys and they knocked it out of the park yet again! I ordered the MK sign and it is beautiful! I really love the look of it! My husband likes to "test" the accuracy by checking the Disney park app and the sign is always right on point! We have 2 magic band readers and now the wait time sign, and we LOVE being connected to the Magic!!!

Desktop Display Stand
Patrick Piteo
A Must For All Disney Fans

We just love our reader it will stay out year round. The Haunted Mansion theme it plays is the best brings you right back to the ride..

We Just Love The Band Reader

We use it with the stand and active it with our Apple Watch that has the pads on it .. Will keep it out year round..

Easy to Display

Thank you so much for creating this! Made is so much easier to display and move around versus hanging on the wall! I can now display all year round!

Desktop Display Stand works great !

I bought the desktop display stand so that I could place my Magic Band Reader on my bookshelf. Works perfectly !

Display Stand

I love it! It looks great with my magic band reader.

Disney Fan

Any Disney fan will love this! I hook it up with my lights with my Lego Disney castle. Only complain I have I wish the scanning light turns off and not stay on the whole time. However, everything is pretty awesome thank-you Cinema Guy!

Disney Magic at Home

My family loves our magic band reader. My wife is a huge Tangled fan and even my 12-year old twin boys can’t walk past the magic band reader and not activate it. While it was pricey, it seems to be of sound quality…the box is even “magical!”

Stunning replica

Extremely impressed with the EPCOT “spaceship earth” reader. The light show and sound are amazing - a miniature version of the real thing. So very glad I bought this.

Carousel Reader
Cristi Cash
Love it

Love everything about it. It is easy to set up and use, even with a smart outlet.

Carousel Reader
Kelly Chiarchiaro
Magic Band Reader

I bought this for my husband for our anniversary and he loves it! We love it! It’s just that bit of magic you need everyday!

Disney magic at its finest!!!!

My husband and I absolutely LOVE this Spaceship Earth Magicband reader. It is truly magical. The music and light show is amazing, it’s the same as in the park just a smaller. I cannot imagine the technology that went into making this. The video does not do it justice. After my sister-in law seen it she bought one too. It was worth every penny to us for the happiness it gives us. Thank you!!!

Carousel Reader
Jennifer Davis
Disney magic at home

This is absolutely the neatest thing ever! At our house, we love everything Disney, (just slightly obsessed!), and when I found this site, I couldn't wait to get my hands on one! The problem is, I want almost all of them! Lol! It was so hard to choose one, but we settled on one of our favorite classics, the Carousel of Progress. I did NOT expect the box itself to be magical, but when I opened the box and "When you wish upon a star" started playing, I'm pretty sure it brought a tear to my eye! I will definitely be buying more of these since there are so many more that we want! I definitely recommend this as a must-have for any big Disney fan!

Love it!

It's almost like being there! The sound and the light are perfect. I thought it was hilarious that the first time I tried it, I got a blue light. This works with magic bands and also room key cards.

Classic Reader
Britt Hanks
A little of Disney at Home

My gameroom has a Pirates of the Caribbean theme. Friends always say I should sell tickets for people to see it. Well now I require them to scan their Magic Bands to get in. Awesome reminder of the fun we always have at Disney.

Peter Pan Magic Band Reader
Kurtis Perdelwitz
Peter Pan comes to life

My daughter’s favorite ride and favorite character is Peter Pan and this transports her back to the park every time she plays it (which is often). It’s amazing how it happy it’s made her. A must for any Disney fan, young or old.

Splash Reader
Richard Sharke
Splash Mountain band reader

This reader is absolutely amazing. Easy to set up and easy to hang.

Making Magic

My wife is a Disney lover & this is one of the best gifts I’ve been able to give her.

Fireworks Show Reader
Sean McCloskey
Life Changing! Can't See Myself Without It!

The title might seem a little over the top but I struggled for so long to come up with ways to add some magic to my daily life. I went to Disney and thought about the magic band readers as being the first thing I experience before an amazing day at the parks. I also love the fireworks show at the end so it only felt right to get the fireworks version of the magic band reader. I have it on a smart plug to turn on as soon as I get home from work so I can hear the count down till the show and experience the music before the firework as a nice transition. The first couple of times, I honestly cried. It was so amazing to come home to some magic after trying to find something for so long. Now if I have a bad day, I come home, scan my band, and I instantly feel better with some happy memories of being at the park with my family! If you are on the fence on whether to get one or not, I honestly can't see myself without it anymore and I ordered a couple more for around my house!

Best Buy 2022

Absolutely love it! Huge Disney fan..worth every penny…great entrance for my “Disney Room Den”

My daughter wants one, my step daughter loves it..she “needs” one.

Best Disney item I own

This magic band reader is the coolest addition to my Disney collection! We are using it as a smart plug to light our christmas tree! I'm so pleased with it.

Classic Reader
Kelsey Dickinson
I am SO happy with this purchase!

I am SO happy with this purchase!

Fireworks Show Reader
Adamvancuren Adams
Fantastic customer service. Made to order...

Fantastic customer service. Made to order items and created what I needed to make it a magical experience. As a former cast member of Walt Disney World, this has brought so many amazing memories! Thank you so much!!

The wife was ecstatic about her reader. H...

The wife was ecstatic about her reader. Huge success!