Here are the answers to some of your most Frequently Asked Questions. Of course you can always call or text us at (800) 692-0076 or message us on the Contact Us Form

Absolutely! If you can dream it up then we can build it for you. Price for a custom order changes based on complexity of the build starting at $299. Contact us any time with your custom ideas.

Yes! Any magic band will work no matter how old and it does not even have to be "activated"

Yes! All of our Magic Band Readers, including those previously sold, can be activated by the new MagicBand+ bands.

Fortunately the chip in your magic band that activates our readers does NOT run on battery and therefore will never have to be changed. Your bands will always work no matter how old!

No. The bands will work no matter how old and do not need to be activated in any way.

Not to worry! You still have 3 great options. (1) Every reader has a button on top that also activates the lights and sounds (2) we can include a scanning card that will activate the reader (please note if you would like this on the checkout page) (3) you can purchase a magic band separately from a retailer.

Unfortunately, due to safety concerns, we can not offer this feature.

No, the reader was designed and programmed to work specifically with our smart outlets. Make sure to purchase a SMART READER at checkout if you would like it to control your lights.

Yes! If you choose the "SPLIT-IT" option at checkout, you will be able to pay for any reader over a 2, 3, or 4 month span. And the best part? It is 0% interest, no credit checks, and no applications ever. Just choose your term and you're good to go!

Unfortunately due to the custom, hand-made nature of our products, any readers still within the shipping window listed on the confirmation pages, cart pages, and receipts are not eligible for returns. Any orders placed after November 18, 2021 are NOT guaranteed to be delivered by Christmas as specified on all product pages.